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Q: What are the procedures for obtaining Membership / RCMC of the Council?

A: Membership is to be obtained before registration can be granted. However, Membership & registration can be applied for simultaneously, Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) can be issued as Merchant exporter, Manufacturer exporter & Merchant cum Manufacturer exporter depending on fulfillment of requirement. Please note that the council shall issue RCMC as Manufacturer exporter for specific products subject to the submission of related documents.

Q: What are the related documents to be submitted for obtaining Membership / RCMC of the Council?

A: The Application for Membership & RCMC should be accompanied by the following Details/Documents, wherever applicable.

Demand Draft/Pay Order for the amount applicable to each exporter depending upon the type of registration sought.

A photocopy of SSI Regn/ Udyog Adhaar for Manufacturer Exporters.

Q: What are the Services of the WWEPC to its members?

A: Members of WWEPC can avail the following benefits:

Weaving Parks across the country. As a result Indian textiles have achieved world class standards.