Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Q: What are the procedures for obtaining Membership / RCMC of the Council?


A: Membership is to be obtained before registration can be granted. However, Membership & registration can be applied for simultaneously, Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) can be issued as Merchant exporter, Manufacturer exporter & Merchant cum Manufacturer exporter depending on fulfillment of requirement. Please note that the council shall issue RCMC as Manufacturer exporter for specific products subject to the submission of related documents.


Q: What are the related documents to be submitted for obtaining Membership / RCMC of the Council?


A: The Application for Membership & RCMC should be accompanied by the following Details/Documents, wherever applicable.


Demand Draft/Pay Order for the amount applicable to each exporter depending upon the type of registration sought.

 Application form for Membership duly filled in.

 Application form for RCMC.

 A photocopy of Import-Export Code No. duly attested by the Exporter

(for RCMC Only.)


Bank Certificate of Credit Worthiness.

 If an exporter desires to get registered as Manufacturer exporter, then the related documents i.e. Self attested photocopy of the valid registration certificate (SSI/Acknowledgement of IEM), any other government document evidencing the applicant to be a manufacturer.

 Self attested photocopy of (i) partnership deed or (ii) Memorandum and Articles of Association as the case may be (compulsory for membership)


Q: What are the Services of the WWEPC to its members?


A: Members of WWEPC can avail the following benefits:


 The WWEPC is constantly carrying out its development & export promotional activities to boost the exports by way of participation in the international textile exhibitions, gathering market information, survey, dissemination of trade enquiries, giving information about the latest development in the export front, latest notifications, circulars etc. as well as taking up the cause of the powerloom sector with relevant authorities. The Council is constantly serving Woollen industry at large in general & its members in particular, to remove hurdles in export and provide platform to the exporters.  WWEPC has been actively involved in urging manufacturers to achieve quality benchmarks through up-gradation of technology. WWEPC encourages Woollen units to modernize under the Technology Up-gradation Fund (TUF) Scheme.

Weaving Parks across the country. As a result Indian textiles have

achieved world class standards.


The WWEPC is carrying out the following activities & after becoming the member they can avail the various benefits;


  1. Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions abroad which helps to find importers / buyers abroad.
  2. Members of the WWEPC can avail MDA grant (financial assistance from the Govt. of India through WWEPC, on air travel / stall charges) subject to certain conditions as per the MDA guidelines while participating in the Trade Fairs, Exhibitions. The major functions of WWEPC also include the following:-



Introducing foreign businessmen to local manufacturers/exporters and provide them with the information useful in conducting business.


Inviting leading exporters to visit India and gain first hand information regarding the capability of the Indian Woollen Industry.


Assisting foreign buyers in their visits to India and chalk out their tour programmes, arrangements etc.


Working with the organisers of leading International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, in order to project the quality and variety of Indian Woollen Products abroad.


Researching foreign markets and and sponsor Study-cum-Sales Team/Delegations abroad.


Promoting and actively practice overseas public relations.


Monitoring international fashion forecasts and transmit them to Indian Exporters.


Helping the Textile Inspection committee of India to ensure that Indian Woollen Products are made as per International Standards.


Chalking out and implementing programmes for enlarging and improving the production base of the Woollen Industry.


Maintaining close liason with the International Wool Secretariat and Wools of New Zealand.